Monthly Archives: August 2016

the rain’s not pouring but it’s there

© 2016 harper blue music

it’s 10:30 on a sunday morning
and the rain’s not pouring but it’s there
down in the city on a different floor i’m
sure you’re dancing away all your cares
but i’ve got you in my body here
in the backs of my legs and my brain
you’re coming at me like my constant fear
that i’m something no one can explain
would you have chosen to be with me now
that you know how it goes in the end
my good intent had been to settle down
now it sounds like we’re not even friends
but i remember you were telling me
that our strength was in how we would fight
so now i’m hanging on that memory
where you say nothing’s wrong
but i know nothing’s right
i need you back
imagine that
i miss being your nobody
who does things that nobody else does
so i’ll sing this song to nobody
cause nobody’s who i always was
i need you back
imagine that

I wrote this song this morning, and figured I’d record a demo of it as soon as I could manage a 95% play-through from memory. This has a few uncertain vocal notes and a couple of flubbed chords, but it meets my requirements. See the video on our Facebook Page.