Monthly Archives: September 2015

five kinds of subtraction

© 2015 harper blue music

like an unfinished loom bracelet
the kid didn’t make it alright
like all the joy you once wasted
the dinner you can’t taste some nights
like his last christmas sweater
no one means to be so mean
like all this terrible weather
bringing you water you know you need

like an unfinished high schooler
like every bright future you’ve seen
like multiplication of fractions
like five kinds of subtraction
like what else is left but this tree
like your next christmas had better
bring jesus back to tell you why
like every time these things happen
we find one more rhyme for die

like his last christmas sweater
no one means to be so mean
they’re just you and me
like the way they should all have known better
like no one should ever
ever ever know what this means

Today when I got home, I was already feeling pretty vulnerable for a lot of reasons when I was scrolling through my Facebook and I saw a photo posted by Cameron Langrell’s mom of an unfinished loom bracelet he’d started before killing himself. I broke down sobbing and most of this song came to me, so I got up and did a quick demo on my phone. The sound quality is poor, but after Jamie saw it and said she loved it, I didn’t want to keep it to myself. I figure I can always record a better quality version later, and in the meantime, maybe this will help her, and Cameron’s friends and family.

Here is an acoustic demo. I will probably post an mp3 conversion later, but right now I am spent.