Monthly Archives: July 2013

never die

© 2013 harper blue music

scientists have discovered
that there’s a black hole in my chest
light and heat can’t escape it
they get pulled in with the rest
my bright hopes and my burning desires
are subsumed by this long-dead star’s mass
my heart stretched by the weight of such gravity’s
pulled until there’s nothing left
i let my heart go
therapists have uncovered
the ravening pit in my brain
all its teeth pointed inward
lining the path of escape
my best ideas are covered in gore
from the holes that those teeth helped create
too disturbing to be shared aloud
so i keep them to myself and wait
and let my mind go
i had finally recovered
insight that i had forgot
that each soul lives forever
whether it wants to or not
i was not born so it can’t be said
there will ever be an end to my life
there is nothing more terrifying
than the idea that i’ll never die
i let my soul go

A quick acoustic webcam video demo is available; here is an mp3 conversion of the source audio. I like the festive holiday light string across the top of the frame for this song.