Monthly Archives: May 2011

Lost on the Way Down.

I’ve been listening to Crumb a lot lately (the good Crumb, not the many bad Crumbs that are out there). If the music itself wasn’t depressing enough, the fact that Crumb broke up and Britney Spears has a hit single based on a bad pick-up line is. Some people have revenge fantasies. I have a fantasy about being a hugely commercially successful musician, so I can cover a Crumb song or two, and get people to flip out when they realize they can buy the first album for a penny, and the second (last) album for a quarter on Amazon. I used to buy out every copy of Romance is a Slowdance from Moby Disc when I lived in LA, because it was in the dollar bin. I’d rifle through it, grab them all, and give them away to anyone I thought might like it.

While looking around to see if Crumb still existed and had put out any records I missed, I discovered a newer, crappier band also called Crumb. I was sad, because at first I thought they’d put out a new record, then I discovered it was just some random trio from Ireland. However, I did find out that Robby Cronholm has a new band called Taxes. His voice doesn’t sound like it used to, I’m not sure what’s different about it. I hope he keeps making music, in any case. He’s very good.