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February 25, 2011

I’ve been playing made in korea a bunch lately for some reason.  I also broke out ye olde towne drume machine and set it to playing the bassline and some semblance of the drum part, in true idiot robot fashion.

I’ve been thinking about what “demo” means, too, and I’m considering going for quantity over quality for a bit.  The big hold-up has always been that the recordings don’t sound good enough for my taste, but that creates a sort of negative vortex of displeasure with the end product, which leads to less production, which leads to less practice, which leads to displeasure with the end product.

My girlfriend and I have been excavating our way through the living room, which holds treasured ancient artifacts like the 788 beneath its mountain ranges.  I’ve always felt that most of my songs were like lanced boils, things born of pain that demand release, though hopefully less disgusting.  They’ve been demanding release more frequently these days, for whatever reason.

So I’d like to start producing what I would characterize as “junk demos,” with truly terrible production values and laughable rhythm performances, courtesy of Dr. 670, but with the not insignificant advantage of being audible to people other than me.  We’ll see how this new initiative pans out.  Me and initiative, not the best of friends.

February 15, 2011

I’ve been sitting here playing with WordPress as a new platform for the site, as much as an exercise for our home-based web development business as for the site itself. Songs and previous News pages, comprising probably 90% of the old site’s contents, have been largely repurposed into the new data format. Next up, learning how WordPress Themes work, and trying to make the new site look as much like the old one as possible. Not because the old site looked so awesome that it was timeless and should never change, but because that way I have a point of reference for how long it might take me, and what kind of work is involved, to take a working site or wireframe or mock-up and convert it to a custom WordPress Theme.

Sorry, the first News update in literally years doesn’t include any new songs. I do have lyrics for several, for, as always, though I am not terribly reliable about sharing, I am pretty reliable about actually writing. Priorities and goals are liquid at this point, not just for my “band,” but for life in general. It’s all very daunting. Life, I mean. My stomach is upset just thinking about it, nevermind facing it.

On the up side, that feeling almost always results in good, new music. Among other things. See you soon. Ish.

yellow baby

© 1996 harper blue music

i’ll die with a smile
painted upon my face
and leave you eliza but
don’t you dare wait
i’m off to see daddy
i’m up with my fame
now that i’m stuck here
i’ll always be late
but i don’t feel so dead
and i don’t feel like dad
just like you see me
after i have left
just like you to use me
for your own ends
come on sell tickets
come on come on sell brandon lee
sell pieces of headstone
sell pieces of me
well and truly dead
well and truly dad

Get the final demo and listen to it with your dad.

year of the rabbit

© 2003 harper blue music

i get no satisfaction out of life
or out of myself
i get nothing that i want
e.g. i’d like to get away from me
and be someone else
or at least sleep a lot more
my placemat says i seek tranquility
that’s about right
my opposite is the cock
i’m not so sure about the second part
if i turn you on
you’ll end up pretty pissed off
shows exactly what is wrong with me
shows exactly what is wrong with me
my placemat says that i’m the luckiest
but luck can be bad
and luck can be all you’ve got
my placemat says that i am talented
i guess it’s a fact
i’m good at putting things off
and then it says that i’m articulate
so why can’t i talk
why can’t i get it across
it also says here i’m affectionate
that’s kind of rough
i’ve driven everyone off
shows exactly what is wrong with me
priorities shows exactly what is wrong with me


© 1999 Stephan Jenkins and Kevin Cadogan; 3EB Publishing/EMI, Blackwood Music/Cappagh Hill/BMG Music (BMI)

A rare acoustic cover.

The second track from the second major-label release by Third Eye Blind, Wounded is a really fantastic song that I only recently figured out how to play. And when I say “figured out,” I really mean “asked the Internet.”

As far as copyright goes, I think it’s ok for me to give this away and not reprint the lyrics. If I’m wrong, well… please don’t kill me or anything.

the world waited

© 2004 harper blue music

i had a fantasy
that the world waited while i grew up
and the going never really got tough
until i was ready for it
my days were not wasted
i often even got up
my decisions weren’t ever wrong
because i learned something from them
fell a long way
’til i
let it go
fell a long way
’til i
let it go
i miss plasticity
and the comfort of a metal arm
of the future that was never dark
before i ever knew a thing
so what have i wasted
what before and what ahead
why is it that i’m not dead
when i stopped growing long ago
fell a long way
’til i
let it go
fell a long way
’til i
let it go
when did it start
will it ever end
this wanting to never
have been
’cause i don’t believe
in anything
that includes me
but i had a fantasy


© 2003 harper blue music

when i was 21
i saw the most amazing thing
i couldn’t talk to her
by one year later
we were having lunch every day
but i was married
so i’m here with you
and not where she is
i long for santa monica
but it’s not the place i miss
i’m always sure
in times like this
that all life has in store for me
is this wistfulness
this wistfulness
when i was 23
i lost the most amazing thing
she wouldn’t talk to me
by one year later
i would never hear from her again
but i was married
now i’m here with you
and not where she is
back in santa monica
with another chance i missed
i’m always sure
in times like this
that all life has in store for me
is this wistfulness
this wistfulness
so the opportunity
i most miss
is back in santa monica
around 1996
i’m always sure
in times like this
that all life has in store for me
is this wistfulness
this wistfulness
this wistfulness

Don’t let the first demo pass you by.


© 2002 harper blue music

i won’t get far on my own
oh i know i’ve not got very far to go but
i won’t make it all alone and all alone
’cause i know what i know what i know is
i won’t get that far
i know

when you moved out

© 2001 harper blue music

when you moved out
you took the things that made sense
you took the words that i said
and made them stupid and bad
and i meant every one
you took the things by the couch
i think you may even have
had someone take the bed out
i haven’t looked around
someone asked for a photo
i found some in your folders
i didn’t like sharing them
i did it anyway
sometimes i feel like i’m a fake
but now i think that that’s ok
sometimes i feel like i’m a waste
but now i think that that’s ok
when you moved out
you left some bills on my desk
you took your clothes and the chest
you left something in my head
that i can’t get around
should i be grateful for your
letting me borrow your car
you got it when you lost mine
i paid for most of it
the cats don’t know who you are
the dog well he doesn’t care
he’s happy when you’re around
when i’m just standing there
sometimes i feel like i’m too late
but now i think that that’s ok
sometimes i don’t believe in fate
but this looks like my life to me

what did i do

© 2001 harper blue music

i’ll tell you something
something about me
i think you know
i’ll tell you anyway
drama and romance
and jealousy
all these things
they are not for me
i moved beyond them
and that’s where i’ll stay
i won’t go back
not for anybody
what did i do
that’s right
what could i do
i have these feelings
what can i say
being with you
doesn’t take them away
you’re very important
you’re not everything
i’ll leave you
before i leave me