Monthly Archives: September 2006

September 20, 2006

Yeah… I was very tired. But since I have no real control over much of anything in my life, including when the songs come, well… here’s a new one.

It’s sad, but I think that this might also be the first song I’ve actually written in 2006. Yeah… fourth fiscal quarter action. Anyway, here’s the new song, complete with a quick-and-dirty acoustic demo. It’s called hypothetically, if i had a friend…

September 4, 2006

Well. That took a lot longer than I thought it would. Much distress abounds in my personal life, but at the urging of some close friends, I’ve decided to fight back with song instead of with… ahem… City of Heroes.

So, the first new recording of 2006, 9 months along, was also the first song written in 2005. That’s right, they’re everywhere has finally been recorded, and hopefully I can knock out a few more before I have to pack up my studio yet again. Well, maybe. It’s all up in the air.