Monthly Archives: December 2005

December 26, 2005

See? That move didn’t take long at all. Haha. Ha.

Okay, we haven’t moved yet. In fact, I’ve hardly moved at all. However, I did expand the collections area of the site once again, with the addition of 403. I also updated the notes for eight tracks, and modified the navigation, and both pages under the section, to include the year or approximate year of issue. Individual collection pages also now include the “band name” the recordings were released under, which is a simpler and more elegant way of indicating that, as opposed to calling it out in the notes for each set.

December 25, 2005

Almost two years to the day since it was originally penned, the full demo of i should never be let down has made its way to… disk. Hmmm. Sadly, just for a night has missed its second year of re-recording. It’s still good holiday fun, though. I would do a new version now that the last song I was working on is finished, but it would be like those after-Christmas clearance sales. Except it would still be free.

In other news, the biography section of the site has been updated, specifically, my biography (the only one, incidentally). Joseph King’s old version has been deleted without archiving, due to its overall inaccuracy and worthlessness. Sorry, Joseph.

Last but not least, two major moves are going down. I moved the site to a new host, since the last one just kinda disappeared on me. In the process, the forum and all information associated with it was lost (yes, I had a backup… it didn’t work). Please register again, or for the first time. Also, my family and I are moving into post housing at Ye Olde Forte Drume, so expect no further updates until probably sometime next year. Hehe. That always sounds so far-off. It shouldn’t be more than a few weeks, tops.

December 18, 2005

The first content in the collections area of the site has been uploaded. A track list and some production notes are now available for eight tracks, the last collection of songs released under the name “stabbing jessica.”

I also corrected some faulty titles on a few songs. The acoustic versions of the things i should have seen but did notunder a bad star, and circles in squares now have the correct titles in their ID3 information.

December 10, 2005

A re-mastered and partially re-recorded acoustic demo of i’ve lived too long is now available. Not only has the song itself been upgraded in terms of performance and production value, but the totally wrong ID3 information has been replaced with the correct credits.

December 9, 2005

An acoustic demo of i’ve lived too long is now available. This is probably my favorite of the songs I’ve written recently. Recently being in the last six months or so.

I also took a stab at cleaning up the ID3 information on every mp3 on the site. Most of them had “Unknown Album” and some other junk thrown in there, automatically and by some accursed machine, no doubt. We can’t let the robots win!

Yeah. So anyway, I tried to clean them all up. In the process, I also remembered that I thought jonette needed a correction in the lyrics, which I made. Maybe it was right before, and I’ve ruined everything. Who knows.

December 6, 2005

Only a few minor tweaks… I updated the lyric sheet for in country to more accurately reflect what I sang in the acoustic version, which is the only version available at the moment. I also replaced the donate button, which still had the old look and feel. NOW all I’m missing is a new logo. I think.

December 3, 2005

The first new recordings in some time are now available, with more to come in short order, if all continues to go as planned. You may now enjoy a much-needed updated version of i only care, as well as a quick and dirty acoustic cut of in country.

Later in the day, I finished updating the buttons in the forum. Only a logo remains to complete the transformation, as far as I know. The majority of the site serves a minimum browser size of 800 x 600, but the forum is much wider than that, due to the accumulated button widths. However, that was the case with the old look and feel as well. It’s a feature, not a bug.