Monthly Archives: November 2005

November 30, 2005

More changes to the site, and these, though they took roughly the same amount of time to produce, have a stronger impact, I think. Some signs of a struggle style buttons will be coming shortly, and hopefully I’ll get a nice logo idea, too. Short of a few more minor tweaks to the forum, that should just about do it. Oh, and I have to get my DNS entries switched around.

I’ve also decided that this is the last news page which will link the new name to the new site, which is really just the old site with a new skin. That are dum.

November 27, 2005

I’ve made a few token changes to the site to reflect the transition from stabbing jessica to signs of a struggle. Mostly, that means updating the artist credit on all the mp3s, changing the title tags on every html file I could find… I’ll have to look into how to update the forum separately. I also updated the lyric sheet one last time (hopefully) for to have and to hold, and uploaded lyric sheets for new songs i’ve lived too long and in country.

Perhaps most astonishing, though not very meaningful, given the nature of this update, is that I have actually begun recording again. I moved my drums and recording equipment out of the leaky and uninsulated attic. It’s now all in the same room as the computer, which had me lost in reverie for a bit, since it’s very similar to how I was living in my final few months in Chicago just over 10 years ago. I’ve lost a lot of time waiting for nothing to turn into something. Hopefully I can make some progress on that. See how proactive that sounds? Yes. Anyway, the song I’ve chosen to re-record as a sort of state-of-the-studio benchmark is i only care, and, work schedule permitting, I should have that up next weekend sometime.

November 7, 2005

What an exhausting couple of months it’s been. I’ve moved to Watertown, NY, in order to serve out my term in the Army at Ft. Drum, which is about 6 miles away. Songs have come to me, and though I now have the recording space I longed for for over a year, I have been too tired to finish setting it up. It’s mostly just microphones and a few cables left, probably less than an hour of hook-ups and then a little longer on setting some drum levels, but since I work thirteen hours a day at a minimum, and every third weekend or so, sleep is a premium commodity.

As such, I don’t have the energy to draw up the lyric sheets for new songs since the last update, of which there are at least a couple. I can’t even remember what I’m doing from one minute to the next, so offhand, I’m guessing there are three or so, maybe more. I’d like to finish setting up my studio, which I can hopefully do this weekend (a 4-day weekend), and then record at least one song, then update the site.

Speaking of site updates, I have changed the band name. That’s right. The name of the band I never had has changed. It is now signs of a struggle, which I feel more accurately reflects the tone of the vast majority of my songs. Planning has begun for a new site to reflect the new name, but between my job and the deadline of next June (when my claim to expires), I expect it will be a bit yet before I can get that ball rolling. In the meantime, it simply redirects immediately to the current site. I hope to have a teaser interstitial page up soon, though.

The next update, if I can swing it this weekend, will include a new song, several new lyric sheets, and possibly a rant about why I’m ashamed, embarrassed, and disgusted about wearing the uniform of a soldier in the U.S. Army.