Monthly Archives: June 2005

June 8, 2005

The Army demands that I return to Ft. Drum in one week. Nevermind our financial impasse and the fact that Rachel, post-op, is not supposed to drive, lift, or really do anything at all, for a minimum of 30 days after her surgery, and that will make it extremely difficult for her to take care of our older son alone, since he’s about a week away from being 1.

That certainly does suck. Who can say for sure how much longer this whole Army thing will last. Not me.

Anyway, I updated the lyrics for 1993 to remove some awkward phrasing, and also posted a lyric sheet for he’s so tired, an older, dumber song, from a simpler time. I just never recorded it, and never really even thought of posting it, but it’s a song, it’s a departure from my usual tone and themes, and it’s just good, clean fun. The lyric sheet is kind of worthless, since it’s a layering vocal song along the lines of… hmm… row, row, row your boat. Yes.