Monthly Archives: December 2004

December 27, 2004

I have gone to Hell, and though I’m taking a short break right now, I’m going to go back for awhile on the first of the year. Hell is in Oklahoma, by the way. In case you were wondering.

Logistical issues have made several things difficult, if not impossible, to pursue, musically speaking. For instance, I had hoped to record an updated version of just for a night every year before Christmas. Last year was when it was first written and recorded, so things went alright then, but this year, there is no recording setup, and I was rather down about the whole thing. Would’ve made for very spirited recording, but oh well.

I’ve also written a few new things in the past couple of months, but was unable to update my site. Even now, updating is a pain in the ass of epic proportions, but I didn’t want to let the site sit unchanged for another unknown period of months, so I’ve gone and found a way to update anyway. Even if it is only with lyric sheets, and no new demos. Boooo.

New songs just waiting to be recorded include be with mesay somethingthe world waited, and made in korea. I hope you enjoy reading the lyrics and, ahem, “production notes” accompanying them, for I can only apologize for the lack of demos, and promise their availability in the future. The far-flung future. When your car flies (as a matter of course), they will almost definitely be there.

I also set about removing references to the first commercial-quality recording, since plans for that have clearly fallen through, and the track list for said recording, when or if it ever comes to pass, will almost certainly be different from the one I was going to go with way back when. In related news, the title for “stutter” was changed to whimper. Equally pathetic, but more accurate and meaningful. I’ve also gone and fixed the inexplicable disappearance of the 12/03 news page.