Monthly Archives: June 2003

June 29, 2003

It’s been awhile between updates, and as usual, a lot has happened without anything happening at all. I’m rather disappointed in myself for letting things get in the way of adding vocals to those acoustic-only tracks I mentioned awhile ago, so I’ve decided to put them up as-is while I work on moving the recording gear into a functional space. They are now available for the acceptance speech of joe, a chicken, tin lisa, creepy, the things i should have seen but did not, sweet, under a bad star, and circles in squares. The music is also available for my banner, though there’s no corresponding song page, because I still haven’t found my notebook. I did find my sunglasses, though.

I also made a mild CSS update, to improve the look of the scroll bars. Yep.

Ironically, shortly after having left Salt Lake City, the Salt Lake Underground has finally elected to add me to their band list. I suppose now I’ll have to work extra-hard to get a tour going far enough West to hit Salt Lake.