Monthly Archives: April 2003

April 23, 2003

Well, it’s been an eventful 3 weeks. First, instead of having 3 full days alone to record, this house was flooded with guests. It not being my house, I couldn’t really say anything, of course. Then there was my week-long trip visiting family in various locations while “celebrating” my birthday, and as soon as I returned, this past Monday, I started a new full-time 8a-5p office job. Time has been short, but this heightened activity level has also renewed my motivation to get moving with recordings. Having the money to do so, if not now, then shortly, will be a boon as well. Also, with about 10-20 minutes each way to work, I’ve been doing some vocal practice in the mornings and evenings, and occasionally cursing the ancient, skip-happy CD deck.

A few of the cats here seem opposed to the newer material, taking monstrous dumps about the recording space. It’s been cleaned up and cat-proofed since, but I’m thinking another day or two with scented candles going full-flame is on order.

Once that’s done, my earlier plan of adding vocals and uploading the quick-and-dirty acoustic versions of those eight songs will be set forth once again. I do have plenty of blank CD-Rs, but I don’t want to burn through them uploading each song as I finish it. If I manage to finish four and then can’t get to the rest for a few days, I’ll throw the finished stuff up, but otherwise, I’m planning to put up all eight when they’re done. The lyrics for “my banner” are still unfinished. Technically, they’re just missing. I actually finished them awhile ago, but if I don’t find that last version soon, I’ll have to just take the chorus and first verse I’ve got and try to hammer something else out.

I got my copyright registration confirmations back a little bit ago, I’m not sure if I mentioned that yet or not. The effective date of the copyrights is still back in late summer of last year, when the site opened, but now I have even more paper than before proving it. That was kind of a random note, I know, but I’m still scattered from having all this stuff to do after roughly 2 years of doing just about nothing.

Last and also least among time sinks, there’s theĀ Stanley Cup Playoffs. During this special time of year, I get really into hockey, picking new teams to cheer on as the old ones are eliminated. Last night I was treated to a heart-pounding 3-2 series-clinching game 7 overtime win by the Minnesota Wild over the heavily favored Colorado Avalanche. That was an incredible game, hats off to the underdogs. Minnesota will go on to face Vancouver in the second round. Go Minnesota. You have been selected as this round’s favorite team. Of mine.