Monthly Archives: February 2003

February 25, 2003

Ah, jobless once again. Having been let go by Darden Restaurants about a week and a half ago, rather unfairly, I might add, I’ve once again got lots of time to stress out over the little things. I also have lots of time to get working on these recordings, even if they aren’t going to be complete demos. So far, I’ve got my acoustic instrumental versions of the things i should have seen but did not and the acceptance speech of joe, a chicken done, with more on the way.

The next step will be for me to add a little reverb and burn the instrumental versions to a CD, and then take it with me everywhere I go, and sing over it for a week or two, to work out my vocal parts and start thinking about harmonies. Then I’ll burn another version with lead vocals, and work out harmonies, and so on. Finally, I’ll upload the acoustic demos, and everyone will be happier. In theory.

Hell, hopefully by the time all this has gone on, I’ll have found a way to get the gear I need to do full versions, and these will just be practice tools, instead of being slung around as “demos” at all. I’ll share them either way, fear not.

February 3, 2003

I’ve just submitted the site once again to¬†Salt Lake Underground. We’ll see if it sticks this time.

In order to move ahead in spite of my profound lack of equipment, I’m beginning to think I may just start doing acoustic versions of unrecorded material, so I can get it copyrighted and be ready to play it live with a band once I get the people together. At first, I wanted to avoid this, because I don’t want people who visit the site to get the impression that this is “one of those acoustic bands,” but then I realized that nobody visits the site anyway. I guess that makes it an advantage of sorts, for now.

This was all started by the first new song of the year. I’ll tell you about that later on, when I post it.