Monthly Archives: January 2003

January 10, 2003

Technical difficulties abound with the new studio gear, and the financial struggle continues. Loosely translated, that means that even with me in the basement working on a new track or more every day, new music is still a little way off. The trouble is the metronome feature of the 788 I’m using is just too quiet, even at maximum volume, for me to hear over just about anything else. So I got an external metronome, hoping I could just record its clicks as a track, and that that would be loud enough. It wasn’t.

So now, I don’t know. I’m either going to just go buy one last cymbal stand so I can have a crash on each side (since it would sound silly with the crash always on just the right side), and record my drums first, free, the way I did on my older work, or I’ll go and pick up a @#$%# drum machine instead, something cheap. The 788 can generate MIDI time code and act as the master module, so I could build a simple loop and use that as my metronome. Then record all the parts and lay down the drums last, just like I’ve always wanted to.


January 4, 2003

The new year is here, and that means resolutions. Now that things are nearly stable for me financially, I’ve resolved to get down into my basement and record at least one track per day. I’m hoping that if I make myself do that, in spite of my busy work schedule, I’ll probably end up recording several tracks instead of just one.

On the down side, the cash shortage I’m in the middle of means that key elements like new strings will have to wait. Oh well. New music is on the way. Seriously. I’m on it.