Monthly Archives: September 2002

September 29, 2002

I received an email from a fellow at Ubi Soft in France, giving me an ok to use samples from their game that appear in see dick run, so long as the song remains free and promotional. I’ve opened the demo for that one in the songs section of the site.

In other news, my living situation is somewhat unstable, so I may have to move again shortly, which slows things down a bit. On the up side, Joseph plans to sit down for a phone interview with me next Saturday, so I’ll have a well-crafted bio up soon.

And finally, my UBL and artist pages have come into existence. They’re rather dull at the moment, but there they are. Mocking me.

September 4, 2002

I submitted the site to a few major search engines today, and also uploaded half empty and yellow baby to I figured I’d let them sit for a bit until I figured out exactly how works for me. Oh, and I added Stabbing Jessica to UBL.

Neither site will show any information on Stabbing Jessica until they approve everything, and since I went for the free approach, being without a way to pay for “premium” attention and all, it will probably be a week or two, at least, before they do.