Monthly Archives: August 2002

August 29, 2002

I arrived safely here in SLC, but my TV did not. Poor little guy has a nice fat scrape on the screen. Anyways, I’ve been setting up some gear in the basement, and looking for some work to support the equipment purchases I’ll be needing to make soon. First some drums, because I already have hardware and cymbals, and later on, a good DAW. Probably the Tascam 788 with CD-R, but who knows.

I was also going to try to figure out how to work in the budget for a bass and bass amp, since I intend to continue doing every part of all my demos by myself (for legal reasons), but my roommate has a bass and a bass amp that she says I can use. If she’s into it enough, and I see the skill level I’m after, she may even end up being the bassist.

If you want to beat her to it, check out the jobs page, now overflowing with available positions.

August 21, 2002

Turns out I’m moving to sunny Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ll be moving in over this coming weekend, and will hopefully be back online by Monday, August 26. Of 2002. The house I’m renting is in a ZIP code with seriously awful crime statistics, way over the national average, but in the unlikely event that I survive long enough to find some kind of work to make ends meet, I’ll be gathering a band and practicing in the basement. Stay tuned.

August 6, 2002

Delivery Status
You entered 7002 1000 0004 7307 6476
Your item was delivered at 11:56 am on July 29, 2002 in WASHINGTON, DC 20559.

Well, I didn’t get my return receipt yet, but apparently my work has all been received at the US Copyright Office, so I’m opening the site. Yay.